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Chakra-system 1 Root-Chakra

Music Acupuncture » Chakra-system 1 Root-Chakra

Chakra-system 1 Root-Chakra

Chakra-system 1 Root-Chakra


Product Description

Root chakra, connected to suprarenal glands, produces adrenaline rushes and wakes up the instinct of survival that we need in dangerous situations. It is located at the root of spine, just at the coxis. Its colour is red. Lam is the mantra.

The principal issues are survival and physical needs. It influences suprarenal glands and its hormones: adrenalin and noradrenalin. Connected body parts are spine, bone frame, teeth, nails, legs, intestines, prostate and blood. Its positive effects are balancing and grounding.

It is symbolized by a four-petal lotus.


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