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Stop CoronaVirus, covid-19 Basic

Music Acupuncture » Stop CoronaVirus, covid-19 Basic

Stop CoronaVirus, covid-19 Basic

Stop CoronaVirus, covid-19 Basic


Product Description

Stop Corona Virus, covid-19, Basic
Strengthens the immune defence to beat the covid-19 infection which emerges from the mental body.
Works both as preventive and in case of emergency. Protects and cleans on the mental level and restores the mental body to normal function. After listening around 15 hours all virus and infection is gone, and protection is up to 100%.
This sound is a supplement and doesn´t replace any other medications or treatments.
No side effects! This sound is in wav format to get the maximum quality. It is only 8 minutes long to save space, so you need to listen to it several times.


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