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Stop CoronaVirus, covid-19 Super

Music Acupuncture » Stop CoronaVirus, covid-19 Super

Stop CoronaVirus, covid-19 Super

Stop CoronaVirus, covid-19 Super


Product Description

Stop Corona Virus, covid-19, Super
has all the functions as Stop corona Virus, covid-19, Basic and Plus but is 100 times times more powerful than Plus on the physical and etherical levels and 100 000 times better on the emotional and mental level than Plus. It is a very good investment in your health. This is the best for old people with poor health and persons with bad health.
This sound is a supplement and doesn´t replace any other medications or treatments.
No side effects! This sound is in wav format to get the maximum quality. It is only 8 minutes long to save space, so you need to listen to it several times.


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