Kinesiology developed in the sixties in the US. It combines western science of physiology, anatomy, energy and motion with ancient eastern knowledge of the external and internal energy systems of the body.

Kinesiology is a method of communication with somebody else’s nerve and energy system by manual muscle tests or  mentally. Etymologically, kinesiology comes from Greek and means science of motion.

Kinesiology’s basic idea is that everything that a human being experiences and registers such as smells, colours, recollections, foods and so on, will deposit in the body and can be detected as muscle tensions.

There exists a connection between the muscles of a body and its system of nerves, points of acupunture and its energy field. By measuring muscle tensions we can find what blocks occur in meridians or in energy supply to the inner organs or other body functions.

Kinesiological test shows the degree of stress of each organ and how well the physical body is doing at any given moment. It is also quite possible to test if a person is allergic to factors present in his or her environment.