music clinicMichael B. Johnsson has a clinic in Torrevieja, Spain. When you arrive as a patient to the clinic, you will go through a kinesiological test to establish what part of your body should be given priority during therapy. This is because our body stores energy blocks or stress as they are created during our life span.

Energy flow weakens in proportion to stress in an energy channel. When the stress level has reached 100%, the organ attached to this energy path can stop working altogether. This is like a kitchen sink or a chimney pipe. If they become clogged, you cannot make use of either of them.

mental healthA patient will be given head phones to better mentally and physically absorb such sounds as are fit for the only or more organ in need of therapy. You are going to sit or lie down in a comfortable, adjustable easy chair and can relax in a stress free environment.

Music Acupuncture is a revolutionary form of therapy for body and soul and a way of total treatment for all of life energy, Qi.

A sound therapy session will last approximately two hours and a half, time needed to create total balance and harmony in an organ’s energy channels even if it has suffered a very long lasting stress.

Blocks affecting the relevant organ dissolve and life energy can flow freely. The body can now function as it should, its ability to recover has been strengthened and health is restored.

The organs, body functions/systems that are treated are the 5 elements (yin and yang) : Heart-small intestine, spleen-stomach. lungs-large intestine, kidney-bladder and liver-gallbladder. After that you can treat the endocrine system, the cardiovascular system, the lymphatic system, the brain and nervous system and the chakrasystem.

There are also professional treatments to remove the energyparasites and they are about seven hours.

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