sound as therapySound is created when objects vibrate. Every particle, every object has its own resonance that can be single or a combination of reverberations resulting in a particular sound.

Due to limitation inherent in human body, our ears can only distinguish tones between 20 Hz and 20 kHz – a very limited part of the enormous vibratory scale that we call sound. The whole body can absorb high-leveled sounds or low frequencies. Certain types of sound can be perceived by and affect certain organs or parts of skeletal frame.

On the cosmic scale, sound is a universal and invisible force capable of creating change on more than one level: physical, psychical, emotional and spiritual. Sound can make us feel sad or sicken us but it can also be used for healing. Sound comes originally from particles as little as atoms or as big as planets.

Every atom, cell, tissue and organ in our body has vibration frequency of its own, measured and analyzed carefully by Michael B. Johnsson through an advanced kinesiological method. Once we know an organ’s frequencies, we can produce a sound that reaches that very organ where disturbance occurs and which needs stimulation.

Human tissue is easily penetrated by sound waves. When sound waves hit the organ in question, a resonance appears that has effect of a deep massage on atom and molecular level. Through this method, stress and blocks are eliminated, restoring balance and harmony of the organ.

The treatment is carried out with the headphones on so that you can physically and mentally absorb those sounds that are relevant for the organ to treat.