michael b johnsson founderMusic Acupuncture was developed by Michael B. Johnsson, highly educated in alternative medicine such as chiropractic, acupuncture and kinesiology. His studies were performed in Great Britain, Denmark and Sweden. Michael is a member of The Sound Healers Association.

Michael practiced his acquired knowledge of those subjects under Masters in China, Korea, Tibet and other Asian countries. It was during his stay in Asia that he discovered the Tibetan sound therapy that he later developed further and refined. Michael B. Johnsson has used an ancient wisdom to transform it into a modern instrument – MusicAcupuncture.

inventor_1Michael sees man as a dynamic system of energies of different frequences. Man is a multidimensional beeing, where the physical body is the one beeing percepted by our five senses.

Michael is a “highly sensitive person”  and by sensing the energy flow he can measure the balance within the physical body as well as the other bodies. The insight that this energyflow is vital and the base of good health is not generally accepted in western society.

When our energies flows feely in a balanced way we are healthy physically, mentally and emotionally. When we feel unwell it is caused by blockages in the energy flow. MusicAcupuncture removes the blockages and balances the energy flow in the bodies.

The sounds has been channelled down to Michael from The Highest Divine Source.