michael b johnsson founderMichael B Johnsson has developed Music Acupuncture, a therapy method that uses sound. It is based on the same principle as traditional acupuncture but is more powerful and more enjoyable as no needles are being used.

Michael is convinced that our body can perceive sound physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. This therapy simply releases blocks and stress from inner organs, glands and energy channels at the same time as it renders full harmony to body and soul.

When you gently tap a crystal glass with your fingernail, it will ring in its own natural frequency. In the same manner every organ, gland, meridian, muscle and so on in our body has its particular frequency, meticulously explored by Michael B. Johnsson.

Stress and blocks in an organ will be dissolved and eliminated when hit by a sound wave of identical frequency. Sound waves spread easily through tissue with the effect similar to deep massage on atom and molecule level.

A sooty chimney pipe can go on fire. When cleaned and decongested it will work normally. The same applies to the body. Exposing an energy channel stressed up to 100% with Music Acupuncture restores its energy flow and brings good functioning to the corresponding organ. This is possible because our body is able to heal itself. To say it simply; human body has been designed to stay healthy. In other words, good health is the natural state for us!

Music Acupuncture is a form of total therapy that addresses all of the life energy Qi. Our life energy is subject to how well we are doing on mental, emotional and physical level. Low energy leads to illness. Our thoughts and feelings can be our best friends and our worst enemies. When demands get above our head, we stress.

Michael B. Johnsson has developed his unique method following many years of studies. Music Acupuncture is a synthesis of knowledge and experience from various cultures. Combined with recognized practices it offers an outstanding form of therapy. The sounds has been channelled down to Michael from The Highest Divine Source. It brings knowledge and principles that are not bound to a particular belief system and has only one purpose – to help as many as possible to a better life.

energy flow

The picture above comes from the book  “Sacred Mirrors” and it is called “Psychic Energy System” by Alex Grey, see alexgrey.com for more pictures.

Every kind of strain or trauma, physical as well as psychological, leaves an imprint in our body. Some traumas are evident and easy to track back to their occurence. Other stay imbedded as body memory that can affect us in a different, less easily traceable way. They can emerge as pain or illness later in life.

Sustained stress and negative emotions create tensions in muscles and organs that communicate with our nervous system. When we are troubled or bothered by negative emotions or stress, our muscles and corresponding organs receive negative impulses from central nervous system.

Everyday conflicts have influence on our health. Misconceptions, negative emotions, bad eating and living habits increase the stress.