meridian-12The Meridian System of the Body
Life energy, Qi, flows not only through nerve and blood system but also inside its own network. The main channels of this energy network are jointly called meridians.

Our body has twelve main meridians that run through each organ or body part. In the same way as nerves transport nerve impulses and blood vessels transport blood, the meridians convey energy.

When you are healthy and harmonious, energy flows along meridians that most often follow the same tracks as our easily observable nerves and blood vessels. Furthermore, eight more energy meridians act on the five element system on the mental level.

Contrary to neural pathways and blood vessels, the meridians can absorb energies exterior of the body.These twelve main meridians run vertically, the yang meridians from top downwards on the right side of the body while the yin meridians run from bottom upwards on the left side.

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chakra_1The Chakra System
Our body is equipped with one more energy system that needs to stay in balance if we want to be preserved from illness. This system is the first to show signs of imbalance. I am talking here about chakra system. The word chakra comes from Sanskrit and means a wheel or a disk. To find a better explanation, I would use an image of a turbine or a turbine wheel.

There are seven chakras placed on a straight line from back bottom to crown of head along the spine. This channel, called sushumna is where kundalini energy flows. Every chakra draws in or lets out energy into the body. Each chakra is specifically connected to different body functions and organs, for instance the endocrinological system. They are at the same time mutually related.

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