Extract from Health September 2012:

During many years Anita Linnea Eriksson hardly went out of the house. Today she has regained both joy and health thanks to healing sounds. MusicAcupuncture made me live again. 20 years ago I was in a very bad shape, I was burned-out. I tested several different treatments during the following years. The results were only temporary. The turning point came 2009 after attending a Health fair. I was curious about MusiAcupuncture and booked an appointment. After the third treatment I felt how my body really regained power. It worked, today I feel divine and an enormous energy and joy.

” Music Acupuncture – a soap for my soul”

Extract from Hälsa (a monthly magazine” Health”) number 4, April 2006 by Giséla Linde.

Wrapped up in blankets I go numb in a world of sounds. Harmonious rustle is going to restore me to full vitality. White-coated Michael B.Johnsson attends to me. He is filled with busy energy, moves quickly and speaks fast. With his fingers on my wrist, he makes a kinesiological diagnosis. It appears that I have, over the years, lost 11 of my life points, which means I got 89 percent of my life energy left. This is on the low edge for my age but acceptable, according to Michael. Sounds are going to give me back my lost life energy, Michael assures me

Wrapped up in cosy blankets, I am resting in a comfortable easy chair. When the headphones have been placed over my ears, I am detached from the rest of the world for two hours and a half. Sound is all there is. First impression is noise of a market crowd. Different people, tight space. But instead of human voices you hear sounds and music that combine into a many-coloured, merry medley. Sound character changes after a while; it gets heavier and more regular, a kind of a many-sided, pulsating noise.

It does not happen every day to stay still for such a long time, just absorbing sounds. I am swinging between enjoyment, boredom and deeper and deeper relaxation. By the end I believe I can take no more of this static idleness, I feel happy and so full of vigour. Different sensations travel along my body: I feel bubbles from a soda on my scalp, my stomach aches, I have pain in my shoulders and for a while I feel a strong need of swallowing. I took three treatments during that week and listened at home to self-care disks. This developed into a pleasant evening habit that made me unwind before going to bed.

I cannot but notice how ridiculously energetic and exhilarated I have become under these days, quite opposite to my former feeling of winter depression, of being burdened by everyday chores.
” You sound so different”, a friend tells me over the phone;” your voice rings”. Well, I believe it does. My body has been fully tanked with music!


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