For a wide range of medical conditions, the basic problem is so-called “energy parasites”. This applies to everyday illnesses such as colds, persistent stomach problems and fatigue. But even more serious ones like Alzheimer’s, cancer or cardiovascular problems often have the common basic problem, energy parasites.

These parasites are not based on your physical body but rather on one of your subtle energy bodies. They are not visible but can be measured with kinesiological tests where they are located. They drain your body out of energy. On the physical body, they can manifest as viruses or bacteria. This energy loss makes the body unable to heal itself, or effectively receive the help that health care can provide. This means that different forms of treatments, medications or surgery seem more to cure the symptoms and not helping the body to achieve full health.

The body has tremendous healing power if only given the opportunity. If you start by removing the energy parasite and restore the body’s internal energy, one can notice that the body suddenly responds much better to all forms of treatments. In many cases we find that even serious diseases appear to ‘disappear by themselves’ because the body now has access to its full capacity to heal itself.
If there is an energy parasite on any of your subtle energy bodies, then it needs to be removed so that good health can be restored. The diagnosis is easily done during a consultation at MusicAcupuncture. The results of a treatment can be felt immediately for example in the form of increased energy and lightness in the body, renewed vitality and clearer thoughts. The treatment to remove a parasite takes approximately 7-8 hours at the clinic and 10 with a CD.

There are two different kinds of energy parasites. Here we are talking about the 8 ‘basic’ energy parasites which we all have to some degree. Then there are other parasites, one or a couple, we may have caught additionally during life.
We all get the 8 ‘basic’ energy parasites as children and then they slowly drain our life energy giving us a different susceptibility to disorders, diseases and premature aging. If the parasites grow you have less life energy than you would otherwise have access to, but you might still feel quite healthy and strong. If one or more of these parasites grow big enough, they will eventually cause diseases, ailments and suffering.

The 8 basic energy parasites:

  • 1. Aging parasit

    This one gives a premature aging, as if the biological clock is set at a very early date, so that the countdown begins too early, even if the physical body would be able to live much longer, then vital parts slowly closes down.

  • 2. Metabolic parasite

    This one causes an imbalance in the metabolism. It might lead to malnutrition or that the body is unable to fully absorb vitamins, minerals etc. Even if you eat very healthy your body can not utilize it fully. 

  • 3. Lubrication parasite

    This refers to all kinds of lubrication: soft skin, synovial fluid, lymph, soft and smooth muscles. The effect may be different forms of stiff joints and joint pain, osteoporosis or osteoarthritis 

  • 4. Cerebrum parasite

    The cerebrum has two hemispheres, the right one has a general or overall perception and is spatial, the left one is analytical and verbal. The communication between the hemispheres affects the creativity. The problems can lead to physical, intellectual, emotional and even mental disabilities.

    5. Cerebellum parasite

    Memory is often considered to be spread out over the entire brain, but the creation of longterm memories does mainly take place in the cerebellum. A typical reaction is different forms of memory problems.

    6. Reptile Brain parasite

    This one affects the brain stem, controlling the muscles, balance and the autonomous functions such as unconscious control of the heart, lungs, stomach and liver. You may have difficulties to move and you may have a deteriorated general condition.

    7. Sight parasite

    Why do we not keep our eyesight when we grow older, why do we all need reading glasses? Problems with sedge and macula are also typical reactions. Remembering details, you have seen or the ability to perceive inner vision may also be affected.

    8. Hearing parasite

    Different kinds of hearing losses, a reduced frequency span and also a reduced level of sound as well as tinnitus are typical signs. It is not just about being able to distinguish the different sounds, it is also about the brains ability to combine the sounds to words and interpret the message. It may feel like your head is wrapped up in cotton and that the sounds are unable to come through. For every parasite you get rid of your life will be extended with many years of life and health. Quality of life is increased, and you will be more energetic, happy and positive.

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