Question: Are there any negative effects of MusicAcupunture?

Answer: No. The treatment can occationally give temporary and passing effects due to the cleaning of the body. Examples of the reactions may be drowsiness or temporary headache. I recommend to drink plenty of water after a treatment.

Question: Does MusicAcupuncture make part of New Age?

Answer: Opposite to it, Music Acupuncture belongs to Old Age or rather old know-how because it builds upon multiple thousands of years traditions within acupuncture: Qi – life force observations, body’s energy system and the concept of five elements

Question: How do I get best results with the CD?

Answer: In order to get best results of CD self care, you should wear headphones so that your body and your mind can absorb all sounds relevant for the organ to receive therapy.

Our downloadable CD are compressed with zip files. Please download a free unzipping program if you don´t already have one. is a free program you can use.

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