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Why MusicAcupuncture?

Having healthproblems, feeling stressed, burn-out or just low energy? Try MusicAcupuncture and feel the difference. [/one_third]


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Buy and download our therapeutic music. Browse through our great selection of healing sounds. Start balancing your body with the 5 elements: heart-small intestine, spleen-stomach, lungs-large intestine, kidney-bladder and liver-gallbladder. Listen with earphones.


Testimonials and Articles

Find out how Music Acupuncture have helped others. Read testimonials from people all over the world.
You can also read some articles published in Sweden.



What is MusicAcupuncture?

Man can be seen as a dynamic system of energies of different frequencies. Low energy leads to illness. MusicAcupuncture is a pleasent and powerful sound therapy that increases life energy and improves health. This method simply removes stress, tensions and blockages from vital organs, body systems, meridians and chakras and giving the body a free flow of life energy, qi.

The effect of MusicAcupuncture is similar to a cleaning shower or deep massage on quantum, cell and molecular level. The treatment balances all our systems, revitalising the body and giving us power, increased health and life quality. The result is total harmony physically, emotionally and mentally. MusicAcupuncture is a way to higher consciuosness and divine health.


Some Recommendations

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