Lucia, Alicante, Spain

I need to express my gratitude to Michael because he changed the lives of our family in only a couple of weeks. Three months ago, the doctor told my father that he had prostate cancer. Michael did one diagnosis and one special CD with sound therapy. My father listened to the CD every day and all the body received vibrations. After one month he went to the doctor for new exams. When he got the results, we received good news. The specialist doctor laughed because he did not believe the results because they were all ok. It´s like magic. The nightmare is over. After Michael´s treatment, we live a new stage in our lives. With his good work, dedication and affection, my father is now a cured person. Thanks Michael, you are one ANGEL in our lives

Maria Lachonius, Gothenburg, Sweden

I have listened to Musicacupuncture for many years and I think that all the sounds are very good. My special favourite is Super Feng Shui which helps me create good energies both in myself, in my home and at my workplace. When I listen to Gold, I feel an immediate energy increase. The first time I listened to it I felt uplifted in a completely new way. I also became in a very good spirit. It really feels as if you get some kind of protective cover around you. Regarding Estrogen I felt immediately that my skin has become firmer. It’s quite magical.

Thank you, Michael, for doing these sounds, they are really amazing!

Margareta Mellkvist, Stockholm, Sweden

I have done all the 8 professional treatments to remove the energyparasites and I am now rid of all. Now I feel divine and my values in the body are super. Had a lot of problems before and felt really bad. My body felt weak and heavy. I sport much so I could not understand why I only got worse.

I feel 20 years younger and have so much more energy. I am incredibly grateful for everything Michael has done for me. I recommend everyone to do these treatments although it may be a little tedious.

Andreas got free from depression

At the age of 32, life became chaos for Andreas Hemming. By chance, he tried Music Acupuncture and today he feels healthy. He worked so hard that he became anguished and suffered a burnout. He could stand no more of his stressful job in his own IT-firm.One day, when he returned home from work and lay down, his body just said stop. I shook and trembled all over, had chest pain and felt I was going down. A friend had to come and help me.” Andreas went on sick leave for seven months.

From then on, he tried every known method of treatment against depression: drugs, psychotherapy and sick leave but with no results. Life felt hard and dark. By lucky chance he went to a lecture by Michael B. Johnsson that dealt with music acupuncture and its special usefulness in treatment of burnout. It sounded strange yet captivating. I immediately wanted to try it out. Now I listen to my CD’s every day.
These sharp and ringing sounds make me relax. I feel calmness spreading along my body and stomach. It is wonderful to get well again.”
Lena Wallenius, 52, has started to work again after being sick for nine months.

Two years ago, she suffered from extreme fatigue, had attacks of panic and had no appetite. She had no strength in the muscles, and she felt dizzy. She started the professional MusicAcupuncture treatment as soon as she could come to the clinic. Now my friends tell me I am looking extraordinary healthy and happy again

Lena, who is a teacher in chemistry and biology, thinks that it is not strange that sounds can heal. Your organs have a certain frequency and when they are unbalanced you fell ill. The right frequencies will bring the organs and systems into balance again. It is a well-known phenomenon in physics called resonance.
The therapy is the best thing I have done! I have regained my health and got my life back thanks to MusicAcupuncture.


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