Man is like a Russian doll, a matrushka. Inside the biggest doll is a smaller one, in this an even smaller and so on. Our physical body is the innermost doll, observable to everybody. We are incapable of perceiving the remaining shells or dolls with our five senses.

Starting from the inside and going outward, our bodies are as follows:

  • 1. The Physical Body

    The solid form body, the one we can perceive with our senses.

  • 2. The Etheric Body

    Home of senses and of memory. This body does repair job on the physical body while we sleep.

  • 3. The Astral Body

    Our emotions and dreams dwell here.

  • 4. The Mental Body

    Thoughts take form in this one.

  • 5. The Causal Body

    This is a cause and result body. Everything is recorded here. All that is stored as karma.

  • 6. The Spiritual Body

     Our soul finds shelter in this one after our physical envelope and our etheric body has perished. The above-mentioned energy paths are not exclusively located in physical body – they traverse and bind together all other body levels. A defect in an energy path or in a particular body level is observed by the physical body even if the flaw concerns one of the other body levels. What will appear in the physical body are just the symptoms and cannot be treated there.

Music Acupuncture – can reach beyond the physical, out to the other body levels and give back full power to their energy channels. Once the energies can flow freely inside their respective channels the body can once more function as the perfect instrument it is. The body gets back its self-healing and restoring capacity.

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